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Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

As a kid, I had fun accompanying my mother to garage sales to hunt for treasures. In recent years, I have found some great deals by haunting the half-price specials and online auctions offered by various radio and TV stations, and some newspapers.

For example, a friend and I each got a year-long couple’s gym membership – including all the classes – last fall for just $100 from an online auction sponsored by a radio station. (Never mind that our husbands only stepped inside the place once; my friend and I have enjoyed going together!) When I wanted to take my daughter to get her hair done for a graduation treat, I found half-price certificates online for my favorite salon. I even collected money from her volleyball team to buy pedicures (at half price) for her coaches at the end of the season.

I just heard there’s a great new place to look for half-price deals – in our email inboxes. If you register at http://orlando.odealsdaily.com/ (it’s free and they don’t sell your email address), you will get a daily email offering a limited number of half-price certificates for one restaurant, spa, club, hotel, golf course, or entertainment attraction in the Orlando area. And this is cool – if you refer the deal to three friends who choose to buy it too, you get yours free!

When you buy that day’s deal, you will receive a confirmation number and a link to print your certificate. You can use it for dinner that night!

There’s no advance notice of what deals will be offered, so you’ll want to check your email each day to see what’s new. I like that you don’t have to remember to visit a certain Web site to see what the deal is, since it comes right to our email account.

While it would be nice to know what’s coming up, the mystery makes it kind of fun. And getting a deal always inspires me to try some new place that I might not have planned to visit, or return to a favorite. Somehow, when I get a bargain, I am always a little more adventurous and willing to take a chance.

I wonder what will be in my inbox tomorrow? I hope it’s for a restaurant, because I don’t feel like cooking.

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