Orlando Daily Deals

Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

As a kid, I had fun accom­pa­ny­ing my mother to garage sales to hunt for trea­sures. In recent years, I have found some great deals by haunt­ing the half-price spe­cials and online auc­tions offered by var­i­ous radio and TV sta­tions, and some newspapers.

For exam­ple, a friend and I each got a year-long couple’s gym mem­ber­ship – includ­ing all the classes – last fall for just $100 from an online auc­tion spon­sored by a radio sta­tion. (Never mind that our[…]

Cincinnati Blog Idea

As a mom, I’m always look­ing for that alter­na­tive to the burger, fries and chicken nuggets that seem to creep into my children’s diet – and hence, mine – on an alto­gether too-regular basis.

Let’s face it, the food is inex­pen­sive – espe­cially if you buy from the dol­lar menus – and the whole fam­ily can eat for about $25.

But, my friends, I’m here to tell you there is a bet­ter way.

If you check out the half-price gift cer­tifi­cate sites online, and are able and will­ing to[…]